Harold Maus ( and Harold & Hazel)

On December 4th 1933, 8 days before the Jim and Bob recording session, 2 other mysterious sides were waxed. Credited to Harold Maus "Guitar March" and " Guitar Medley" were issued on Bluebird 5304, Montgomery Ward 4474 and Sunrise S 3385 ( matrix numbers 77182 and 77183 respectively)

According to some sources Jim and Bob were present on the Maus recordings ...including the Online Discographical Project . Thanks to Barry Mazor we have had the opportunity to hear the Maus disc . We agree with the view expressed on Gary Anwyl's  Jim and Bob page  that the sound is so unlike what we know of the Genial Hawaiians that it cannot be them.

On the same day on which Maus made the above sides four other sides were recorded by the duo "Harold and Hazel " including " Texas" and "I'll Pack My Things"  the former a version of " T for Texas" and the latter being a version of Jimmie Rodgers' "Pack My Things" . As noted by Tony Russell in "Country Music Records: A Discography 1921-42" this is actually Harold Maus with a girl singer and fiddler. Again thanks  to Barry Mazor we have heard Texas and I'll Pack My Things  and can't imagine any Jim and Bob connection here either. Subsequent information supplied by Barry Mazor, Tony Russell and Kevin Coffey reveals that Harold and Hazel were a brother and sister team from the Midwest who performed with the Renfro Valley Show's Novelty Aces and both played on the WLW Boone County Jamboree c.1940. Around the same time as the Bluebird session they also recorded with the full group as the Four Novelty Aces .

Hazel , who performed under at least four different names, was married to one of the other Aces, Clarence "Bud" Dooley , who sang and played bass, fiddle, guitar and steel guitar.

Both Harold and Hazel  died in California in the 1970s.

Kevin Coffey has undertaken extensive research on the Mauses and the Novelty Aces. Recently he helped produce  a compilation CD on the BACM ( British Archive of Country Music) label titled "Cowgirl Shuffle" which contains Harold and Hazel's "Texas" and "I'll Pack My Things".

Quite how Jim and Bob's names ever came to be associated with  Harold Maus is a mystery to us but any other info which comes our way will be added to this page