Smock and Kaai

It has long been known by Hawaiian music enthusiasts that the name of the rhythm guitarist of the duo was Jim Holstein ...the old photo in the National guitars catalogue had made that clear. However the name of the ace steel player ( now known to be Bob Pauole) took rather longer to establish . For many years it was thought to be Bob Kaai .Why was that? Well our guess is that someone had found one of the pieces of sheet music bearing Jim and Bob's photo . They were published in Chicago by Calumet Music and we'll include a couple of the front covers below ( "Juanita" courtesy of Robert Armstrong)

Looking inside the published music and you can see that Calumet gave credit for the Hawaiian guitar solo transcription to " Bob Kaai" and we believe this is most likely the reason why some people thought that must be the name of the steel player of the Genial Hawaiians.

Interesting too is that Calumet credited the remaining arrangements to " Jim Smock" . Perhaps the publisher didn't know their real names ...perhaps they invented the name Smock because it resembled  Smeck ?