Holstein and Pauole

The identities of the members of the Genial Hawaiians have long been confused and subject to wrong assumptions. There remain to this day sources on the web which claim that nothing much is known about them and their fate. How wrong can those sources be!

The detailed and almost complete story has actually now been told in the booklet to the Genial Hawaiians cd and a good deal is also contained on Gary Anwyl's webpage, but very briefly:

Jim Holstein was born on 11th October 1899 in Honolulu and he claimed to be one of 12 guitar playing brothers. Tragedy
struck on 12 March 1936 when he died of a coronary thrombosis

Robert Kealoha Pauole was born on Kauai on 21st July 1906 and died on 30th September 1952 after many successful years spent playing with Al Vierra's Hawaiians. Early on in his career with Holstein, Bob became known as Panole rather than Pauole as can be seen on his headstone. He was buried at Chicago's Graceland Cemetery

this wonderful photo was provided to us very kindly by our friend Dennis Tol in the Netherlands :

...thank you Dennis !