Halcyon Days

Research suggests that Jim and Bob began their musical partnership no later than 1928 and possibly it was a year earlier.

It is known that they were performing on WENR station in Chicago by 1928 and the same year they were part of the Vierra's Hawaiians Chautauqua show touring Canada and the USA

Employment as staff guitarists on WENR and their own regular radio shows ensured a wide exposure thanks to the  new powerful transmitters being used by the station whose signal could be picked up as far away as the duo's native Hawaii

In 1931 WENR became part of the NBC network and Jim and Bob were awarded new contracts. Two years later in December 1933 came the recording opportunity for Victor ...a single session with 12 sides recorded with no known unissued sides and not even a solitary alternative take

this next picture was found by Tony Russell in a radio mag from 1929 and shows a WLS cast with Jim and Bob front left. Picture quality isn't great but any "new" photos of the boys are welcome! ( and thank you to Tony for sharing it)